Debt collection

We can take control of receivables

Good results require control of accounts receivable. Do you have a lot of bad debts, it doesn't matter if you have good sales numbers. Following set routines for reminders, collection and calculation of interest is perceived as professional.


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Establishing debt collection procedures

Establishming agreements can be done through our partner in recovery and collection, Accountor Credit AS.

As a customer of Accountor you will get this at a greatly reduced price:

  • Price for annual subscription: NOK. 990 (manufacturers suggested retail price is NOK 1920)
  • Price for single issue: kr. 450 (manufacturers suggested retail price is NOK 990)
  • Freely withdrawal of the case within 14 days by wrongfully dispatch of case. Beyond this 50% is billed of incurred costs / fees.
  • Legal influx happens in agreement with the claimant. Any legal fees will be paid in advance by Accountor Credit, but will be invoiced claimant.
  • When writing annual subscription you can freely submit as many unpaid invoices you want for collection.

Would you like to be contacted by Accountor Credit AS for an informal chat?

Please enter the contact form to your nearest Accountor office. Accountor Credit AS will then contact you shortly.

If you have questions and want to get in touch with us directly please call on 815 10 244.

You can also have your own username and password to follow your own collection cases online.