Accountor Helgeland accountant

Accountor - your local accountant in Helgeland

Tordenskjoldsgate 20

8656 Mosjøen

+47 75 11 36 80


In the beautiful Helgeland, way up north in Norway, you can find Accountor both in Mosjøen and in Sandnessjøen.

The two offices work together, and with their 29 employees onboard, they have plenty of expertise. Small companies or big companies - Accountor has solutions that fit everybody. The customers are from different industries, both local, nation wide and international companies. 

Have a talk with us, we will help you out with you accounting needs.

Phone no. Sandnessjøen: +47 75 07 60 60

Phone no. Mosjøen: +47 75 11 36 80


Daily manager for Accountor Helgeland is Roy Valberg

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